Developers demo accounts for cloud access

Hi, I don’t know if this has been asked already, but I am really missing some functionality for trying out some cloud related stuff.

The company I work for is moving to the Identity cloud and the development team wants to try some things out, I do have these options currently:

  • Use the current version of OpenAM (6.5.2) on premises
  • Use the latest version op Openam (7.x) in a docker container
  • Use the not yet configured cloud instance

All these options are semi optimal for us, to be honest I have been using the competitions public demo accounts to test some things, but as you all know not all platforms behave the same so I really would like to do the same on a public development instance of the Identity Cloud.

I think you are missing some important features which will help you getting more customers because in a lot of cases developers also choose the solution to work with, and the easier the setup and testing, the higher the chanches are that developers will advice that solution.

If I am missing something, like there are public demo acocunts possible, please update me, ChatGPT told me there aren’t ;-)

ForgeOps (Welcome to ForgeOps (ForgeRock DevOps) :: ForgeRock DevOps Documentation) for developers is what I and many of our engineers leverage to develop. The best and exact would be to purchase a sandbox instance of ID Cloud.