Directory Service Setup

Trying to build a directory service container image but the initial setup is failing with the following error. Is there any way to get a more verbose output from the setupcli?

The error:
Unable to write the upgrade version in ‘/opt/opendj/data/config/config.ldif’ file
(No such file or directory: /opt/opendj/data/config/config.ldif)
See /tmp/opendj-setup-7869605284447417330.log for a detailed log of the failed
Please report this error and provide the log file mentioned above.

The full log file contents:
category=TOOLS severity=INFO seq=0 msg=Setup tool launched October 26, 2023 at 5:52:37 PM UTC

Hi @guslers

I’m not aware of any way to configure verbose logging, however you can get verbose output to stdout via the --verbose flag (at least you used to be able to, I don’t see it documented anymore). Perhaps give that a shot?

I’d wager a guess here that the CLI is having permissions issues in general, likely while creating the data directory itself. That’s just a guess at this point, however. Could you share the arguments you are passing to the setup command?

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