Docker image openam

Hi Experts,
This is regarding openAM.when I run the docker image from the below docker hub on the admin UI i see the version as 14.6.6 but am looking at the docker image for either 7.2/7.1/7 . pls advise what is the difference between the 7 and 14 version?

Hi @shaye,

I see you’re using the Open Identity Platform but the version reference between 5 and 14 are the same as ForgeRock Identity Platform where AM v5 and v14 are the same version number. Not too confusing. ;)
AM v14 is the internal naming reference for AM version 5.

I hope this helps!

May I weigh in too, Sheila?

Sheila is entirely right, of course.
But I need to ask: ‘Why’ are you trying to source a generic AM on docker image when its easily enough built yourself. Merely get the Docker Tomcat image and deploy AM on it. Easy.

Please do, Guy! :)
Your help is always appreciated! Thank you!

Just to add to this:
Open Identity Platform is a fork of ForgeRock’s Access Management product.

ForgeRock AM had a version numbering scheme change when AM 5.5.0 got released (which was originally planned to be called 14.5.0).
// Since then a couple of new versions got released, so in a different universe AM 7.2.0 would be called AM 16.2.0 instead.

In any case, the two products offer different capabilities, make sure you use the right product/version.

To use AM 7 docker images, download the ZIP distribution from BackStage and build the docker images yourself.