Documentation for com.sun.identity.authentication.spi.MetadataCallback


Where can I find the documentation for MetadataCallback (i.e method/constructor signatures…)? I’m struggling to find it.
I tried in Overview (OpenAM Server Only 7.4.0 Documentation) with no success.

I also tried with Callback (Java SE 11 & JDK 11 ) and also no success.

Do you know where this can be found? Also, do you have tips for getting editor code completions / suggestions to work when developing scripted decision nodes in groovy?


Antonio Ángel

The MetadataCallback provides information to a client application without allowing modifications to that information. For instance, if we want to set up an end-to-end encryption use case, we could use MetadataCallback to share a public key along with which fields to encrypt with the client. This way, the client can consume this meta information and act on it, before sending the data to IdP.

For more details, check out the ForgeRock documentation:(Read-only callbacks :: ForgeRock Identity Cloud Docs).

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I believe MetadataCallback is a ForgeRock specific implementation. I myself had trouble getting hold of the documentation. However, I have a code snippet on how to use MetadataCallback in scripted nodes which may be of use for you.

 var metadataJSON = JsonValue.json({metadataText: 'Some Text'});
 action = fr.Action.send(fr.MetadataCallback(metadataJSON)).build();
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Thank you so much for your answer! I would also mark it as solution but I can only mark one.

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