Does ForgeRock Journey support pre-filled username in first page?

My situation is the customer will first enter their username on my web page, then my backend will check the username are using and which service to do the authentication, then route him to ForgeRock Journey to log in.

From a UX perspective, the customer already entered their username on the last page, I shouldn’t ask them again on the second page of the ForgeRock Journey page, want to understand does ForgeRock could let me pass the username to URL or something, so the customer only requires to enter a password in the second page.

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Welcome to the community forum.

You can pass a username value via a header, or a URI query parameters.
Header values, and query parameters are accessible from a script.
The script can populate the username with the nodeState object.
You could also script the full business logic into a journey and direct to the correct authentication experience in a sub-tree. so in effect handling everything into the AM journey and not having a self-hosted page.


thank you