Error message

We are trying to customize the error messages on forgerock 6.5 version, is there any git for doing so?

Hi @jcalvo - there are lots of places where error messages can originate from, and many places where they can be configured. Did you have specific error messages in mind? And could you clarify which product(s) you are looking at?

Hi @mwtech the error I am looking for is the one that gets triggered after failure URL node (tree flow), there is an error called “authentication failed” I want to change it to something similar to “Redirecting” or so.

Thank you.

Hi @jcalvo, thanks for sharing those details.

The error message that is displayed originates from the authentication node that actually failed, and is displayed to the user when they arrive at the Failure node. To override that message, you can place a Scripted Decision node between the failed authentication node and the Failure URL node to override the errorMessage shared state value. For example:

sharedState.put("errorMessage", "Redirecting");
outcome = "true";

Please try this out and let us know if this meets your needs.

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Hi @mwtech It works perfectly fine, thank you so much