Error --profile am-identity-store

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to Forgerock.
I’ve successfully installed forgerock AM, and currently I’m trying to install DS for the AM identity store.

but when I read the wizard docs, and run the command “./setup --profile am-identity-store” I get an error.

here’s the error message:
An error occurred while parsing the command-line arguments: The arguments
adminConnectorPort is required to have a value but none was provided in the
argument list and no default value is available.

Thank You

If you look at the example from here: Install DS for AM identities :: ForgeRock Directory Services

You need to provide more in the command line the example is:

/path/to/opendj/setup \
 --deploymentId $DEPLOYMENT_ID \
 --deploymentIdPassword password \
 --rootUserDN uid=admin \
 --rootUserPassword str0ngAdm1nPa55word \
 --monitorUserPassword str0ngMon1torPa55word \
 --hostname \
 --adminConnectorPort 4444 \
 --ldapPort 1389 \
 --enableStartTls \
 --ldapsPort 1636 \
 --httpsPort 8443 \
 --replicationPort 8989 \
 --bootstrapReplicationServer \
 --bootstrapReplicationServer \
 --profile am-identity-store \
 --set am-identity-store/amIdentityStoreAdminPassword:5up35tr0ng \