Exploring Siteminder related nodes in ForgeRock AM trees


I am trying to explore the Siteminder related nodes in my ForgeRock AM trees.

Ref: https://github.com/ForgeRock/modernize-accelerators/tree/master/forgerock-am-siteminder-migration-sso-jit

Issue: Not able to package and get a war/jar using “modernize-accelerators//forgerock-am-siteminder-migration-sso-jit//openam-modernize-siteminder-auth-nodes//pom.xml”

Error: ‘Non-resolvable parent POM for org.forgerock.am:openam-modernize-siteminder-auth-nodes:7.0.1: org.forgerock.am:openam-auth-trees:pom:7.0.1 was not found in https:/repo.maven.apache,org//maven2’


  • ForgeRock AM 7.3 installed in my local machine.
  • JAVA Version - 11.0.19
  • Maven Version - 3.8.5
  • No siteminder setup


  1. As I do not have siteminder setup, I am not able to copy the jar files (viz. smagentapi.jar, smjavasdk2.jar, smcrypto.jar, bc-fips-1.0.1.jar) to /ext-lib/siteminder as mentioned in the ref doc.
  2. I am getting error 403 while accessing the Knowledge article - /knowledge/kb/article/a74096897.
  3. Also, I do not have access to the ForgeRock private-releases maven repository mentioned in the ref doc.
  4. The ref doc mentions, maven build should point to the settings.xml file downloaded with your backstage account. Where can I find this settings.xml file

Can anyone please help to achieve this use case.

Hi @gautam.shivam98,

Do you have a subscription to backstage? You can’t retrieve this article without a valid session to backstage, and without a backstage session, you can’t retrieve the maven settings.

You may need to check with the organisation admin whether you have a backstage subscription,


Hi pratick,

Thanks for responding.
My Organization does not have backstage subscription.
Is there some secondary option with which I have have access to the article or retrieve the maven settings.

Hi @gautam.shivam98,

Unfortunately, no, there is no other options,