Facing Issue with secretsProvider while configuring IG 2024.3

I am working on upgrading my current docker-based deployment of OpenIG from 2023.6 → 2024.3. I have read through the Deprecated, Removed and Incompatible Changes documents and made adjustments accordingly.

I am still having an issue related to secretsProvider. Whenever I start IG I get the error below:

I have gone through my admin.json and config.json for all properties affected by the change to secretsProvider that are documented in incompatible changes. The only properties that I am using that were affected are AmService which need the secretsProvider to get the IG agent password in 2024.3.

I have configured my agent password to be a environmental variable. 1 of the AmServices had already been pulling from the environmental variable secretsProvider “SystemAndEnvSecretStore”. I believed I just needed to connect the other AmServices to this secretProvider for 2024.3.

They are connected in the heap like so:

      "name": "SystemAndEnvSecretStore",
      "type": "SystemAndEnvSecretStore"
      "name": "AmService-1",
      "type": "AmService",
      "config": {
        "ssoTokenHeader": "&{am.cookiename}",
        "realm" : "/realm",
        "agent" : {
          "username" : "ig_agent",
          "passwordSecretId" : "ig.agent.secret.id"
        "secretsProvider": "SystemAndEnvSecretStore",
        "url": "&{am.url}",
        "version": "&{am.version}"

If anyone could help me with this issue or point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated as I feel a little stuck at the moment.
My deployment doesn’t use any of the other affected properties in that incompatible changes document, so maybe an undocumented property is causing this issue? Since it appears the error is caused by a missing secretsProvider value.

I would have done it differently:
“name”: “SecretsTrustManager-1”,
“type”: SystemAndEnvSecretStore"