Forgeops Amster Configuration Lost


I have a running forgeops deployment in my private cloud. I made configuration changes to am and save the configuration profiles / rebuilt the image, but every time I redeploy the AM image I have to rerun the amster pod to import the OOTB oauth client applications into AM. In a dev / local environment I have, I only had to run amster for the initial setup, but in this particular environment, I have to rerun amster every restart of AM which is causing issues in deployments. Anyone else had this issue?


Hello Nick,

Thanks as always for reaching out to the Community!

I was researching our support ticket queue and it appears you had previously opened a support ticket for this Amster issue and subsequently were able to resolve the issue by rebuilding the impacted environment. Is it a fair statement that after rebuilding the environment you no longer had to rerun Amster after every restart of AM?

I want to confirm the resolution in case other members of the Community run into a similar scenario.

Warm Regards,

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