Forgeops Export (AM) Not Picking up Journey Changes


i am building out a number of journeys in AM using private cloud deployment / local forgeops and everything works most of the time. Right now though, just made a number of changes / new scripts to existing journeys but when I run the config export to my profile it is not exporting the changes I made. If I run a full amster export I see the changes I made but the normal ‘config export am --sort’ is not exporting my script / journey change. Do I need to redeploy amster / refresh anything?


Hello @nick.hunt,

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Have you reviewed the ./config export steps described in our ForgeOps documentation shown here:

Paying special attention to Steps 4 and 5.

Including this option: Run the git commit command to commit changes to files that have been modified.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Nick,

I use command
kubectl exec {am-pod-name} – /home/forgerock/ - > config.tar
to export am static configurations, it works well for me, can pick up any changes in journeys and scripts. It is actually what config command to, only without upgrade part. You can try this.

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Let me be clear, it is “space dash dash space” after {am-pod-name}, don’t know why it shows like a long one.

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