Forgerock AM Forgeops Bearer / Access Token REST


I have an onprem AM deployment done using ForgeOps deployment methodology. To access the REST services for AM on prem, this is using the tokenId out of a session. But, in Identity Cloud, there is a bearer token process to access the same API endpoints. How do I enable the access / bearer token authentication for the AM rest api similar to identity cloud?


Hi Nick, there are OAuth2clients which you can use to get a bearer token for using an oauth2 flow. I’m not entirely sure what is enabled on the Identity Cloud side. There is a client deployed called oauth2 with a password called “password” Its just used for internal testing but you could extend this to fulfil your requirements or create another 1 in the same place. The oauth2clients can be found in the docker/amster/config-profiles/cdk/config/realms/root directory in forgeops so you can look there an add additional clients if you wish.

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