Forgerock android sdk, for webauthn and devicebinding, are they both require google play service?

As an android developer from China, trying to integrate ForgeRock for biometric authentication, seems webauthn is bringing google passkey which will require google play service which don’t exist in all android phone in China, find device binding node in SDK, and just wondering if this device binding node also requires any play services or google related services or not, since it requires our backend to upgrade from 7.2 to 7.4, no way to test locally for now.

anyone can help with this

Hi sampsonzhang, thank you for reaching out to the community.

I’ll investigate this matter with our internal team to gather more insights regarding the device binding node in the SDK and the requirements for Google or other Play services. I’ll share the findings in this thread.

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Hi @sampsonzhang,
Thanks for reaching out. We currently only support Android devices that are officially supported from Google and have Google Play Services.

China support and other OEMs or non Play Services enabled devices is not something on our roadmap. The Android SDK uses the Google Fido2Library for best compatibilty for Passkeys/Webauthn.

I will pass the request to our product people as they are responsible for the overall strategy but wanted to give you a first heads up about the current China support. For more impact I would suggest raising an RFE ticket on backstage and adding all the details regarding the app and the use case as well as the client.

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George Bafaloukas

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