ForgeRock CTO Eve Maler's Predictions in Solutions Review

Check out CTO Eve Maler’s 2022 security predictions in not one, but two (!) Solutions Review articles! Read about device security here

Eve Maler, CTO, ForgeRock

“As soon as you solve your most important problem, your next problem gets a promotion. With increased consumer usage of passwordless authentication methods, we will face challenges once ‘solved’ by sharing passwords. Securely delegating bank account and healthcare record access to family members and caregivers will be one such problem.”

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Eve Maler, CTO, ForgeRock

“Identity access management (IAM) has become an essential ingredient for delivering successful digital services. Identity solutions originally focused on ‘protection,’ and now they are acknowledged to contribute equally to ‘personalization.’ Balancing security and experience is a false choice, as these two areas share many requirements, including fostering privacy and mutual trust; this is why a no-compromises approach is paramount. In 2022, IAM will become yet more important as it addresses new requirements in two newer areas: It’s essential for ‘payment’ (and everything surrounding trade and transactions) as well as for ‘people’ (for example, consumer-to-consumer sharing).”

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