ForgeRock License Cost per Instance?

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We would like to know the details of license procurement and cost involved for the ForgeRock per instance .

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Thank you for reaching out to the community with your inquiry regarding ForgeRock licensing and costs. To better assist, could you please clarify if you’re referring to the ForgeRock Identity Cloud or the ForgeRock Identity Platform? This will help us provide accurate licensing and cost information.
Once you let me know, I will follow up internally to ensure we connect you with the appropriate resources to assist further.

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Is it possible to provide both ForgeRock Identity Cloud or the ForgeRock Identity Platform cost ?

Hi Rajkumarsys, Thank you for confirming your inquiry regarding licensing and costs for both ForgeRock’s Identity Cloud and Identity Platform. Our sales team is equipped to provide comprehensive details on both products.

I appreciate your patience as I worked to find the best resources to assist you. While investigating your request, I found a helpful knowledge article
that has recently been updated to include a link to our current form for contacting our sales team about licensing inquiries.

You can access our sales form at this link: Contact Sales Form
Simply complete the form, and someone from our sales team will reach out to you shortly to assist you further. Alternatively, you can email sales directly at for further assistance.

Thank you once again for contacting us about ForgeRock’s Identity Cloud and Identity Platform licensing and costs. Please feel free to let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with.

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Sheila ,

Thanks for your response …!!

Rajkumar R

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