FRODO errors on connection URLs with parameters

➜ iam-forgeops git:(featrue/brife-frodo-tree) ✗ frodo -v
You are running the binary release.
Installed versions:
cli: v1.0.1
lib: v1.1.0
node: v18.5.0

I can’t seem to add connections with parameters, For example,

frodo conn add “https:///am?authIndexType=service&authIndexValue=XXX” --insecure

responds with

Cannot use ‘in’ operator to search for ‘callbacks’ in <!–

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Please Wait While Redirecting to Login page

I should read the manual, the --authentication-service param solved my issue

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Hi brando.rife,

Thank you for posting your question and quickly sharing the solution you found. Your proactive approach is appreciated and will surely help others who might face a similar challenge. Excellent work! :+1: