Get engaged in the developer community

Hello everyone! I am the Sr Technical Community Engagement Manager and I am leading the goal to bring together the developer community to provide a seamless developer experience.

Since I started 6 months ago at ForgeRock, I worked on understanding developer journey, personas and challenges. With the same passion, I am working on delivering a developer page - a one stop spot for all the resource a developer would need to feel successful. The developer page is going to be live soon!!

To drive the effort of improving the developer experience further, I am working on putting together some virtual and in-person developer sessions and events, with the goal to bring the community together. My aim is to have regular virtual events and in-person events for UnSummits.

These events are for you as a developer and I want to them to be tailored to your interests.To help me understand you better, please fill out this short 5 question survey. I promise it takes less than 15 seconds ( 17 seconds if you are interested in facilitating an event) !!!