Help needed with ForgeRock Identity Platform RCS configuration error - staggered connection error

Hello Folks,

We are currently facing an issue while configuring the RCS in our ForgeRock Identity Platform. The specific error we are encountering is as in the below screenshot

Upon investigating in backstage, staggered connection error referred to as the error message error when the HTTP connection is being made but upgrading the connection to a WebSocket is failing because the RCS points to an invalid URL. (Knowledge - ForgeRock BackStage)

As per our file connectorserver.url is set to as wss://

what may be the potential cause that is leading to the error? Any assistance is highly appreciated.

Hi @rinivijayan,

Is it going through a reverse proxy? Is it upgrading the connection. e.g for example, with an nginx proxy, you would need to add those instructions to the route:

proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
proxy_set_header Connection "Upgrade";

If you’re using a different proxy type, you’ll have to refer to their documentation,


Also how is the identity platform deployed?

Hello Patrick,

Thanks for the reply. No, its not going through reverse proxy. we deployed as a shared identity store as per this document Shared identity store :: ForgeRock Identity Platform

Can you try this URL for the connectorserver.url setting (drop the /0'): wss://`

And have you set up secured connections for IDM? If not then the protocol scheme should be ws://