How many deployment types are available for OpenIG (IG) with OpenAM (AM)

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What all different deployment types of IG? What is the standard deployment for Production environment? As I understand, IG is a reverse proxy server + web container, which intercept the client requests/OpenAM response. Please provide more details about IG to utilize better in our environment. Thanks!


IG is mainly a reverse proxy server. We recommend to select the “standalone” version of IG, s o you don’t need an additional web container to run it.


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Thank you for your quick response. So recommended one is “standalone”. But, On which scenarios, we need to run additional web container ? is that JavaEE agent? I would like to know more different versions of IG. I would appreciate if you could refer any document or guide on this.
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Akhil G,
As Laurent stated, you have the (recommended) option of running the standalone version, which runs in a Java VM without needing a JavaEE container. You also have the option of running IG in a JavaEE container (such as Tomcat, JBoss EAP, and Jetty). You can see how to install IG in the Installation Guide.
In addition, you can create dockerized version of IG as documented in the Deployment Guide.
WIth 7.2 onwards, I believe the standard deployment would be standalone because the JavaEE versions in the .war file format have been noted as deprecated since version 7 (see here).
I hope these references help.