How to add drop-down property in ForgeRock Platform UI?

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We got the requirement to create custom attribute of type string but it should display values in Drop-Down so users can choose the value. As I know we can create attributes of type “String”, “array”, “object”, “number” in IDM platform, I couldn’t not find the option to configure this i.e., the attribute created (drop-down/enum attribute) should displayed in Platform UI (IDC UI) so that it can be visible in end user UI.

@Suriya I downloaded the platform-ui from ForgeRock’s Git repo, modified the ‘EditPersonalInfo/index.vue’ to add the string value/enum as a ‘BFormSelect’, then compiled and deployed the updated UI.

Not sure if that’s the easiest route, but it works for me. I added several customized “string → enum” attributes this way. I’ll be curious to see if anyone has a simpler solution.


That is the best thing I could think of, customizing platform enduser.

If it wasn’t platform, you could Knowledge - ForgeRock BackStage

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Thank you so much for your response. I got to know how we can achieve this but the point is whether ForgeRock Identity Cloud managed by forgeRock would support this. If so how we can achieve this? I have used “Configuration-manager” to pull backend managed objects but during discussion with forgerock team they said won’t support this approach.

Hi Suriya,

Thank you for expressing your concerns. It’s great to hear you’ve explored the possibilities and potential solutions for achieving your requirements.

Could you please share more details about the specific concerns raised by the ForgeRock team regarding support? Perhaps this requires an RFE. Were these concerns due to customization support or the approach communicated through a support ticket that I can reference? If so, I’d appreciate it if you could indicate if there’s a relevant ticket I can reference for further clarity. You don’t need to provide the ticket number.

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Could you also confirm if the initial question to add drop-down property in the Platform UI was intended for IDC support?