How to capture user details of who created the user account through end user page in ForgeRock IDC?

Hi everyone,
We got the scenario that we need to capture and store admin name who created any new profile inside forgerock and store that attribute separately inside user profile data e.g.“created by”

A little more information on how the admin is creating the profile - via Platform UI or ?

If in platform ui the tenant admins will not be in the alpha realm so we can’t put a relationship attribute to represent the created by - what format would you want to have? If an EndUser UI with Organizations or Delegated Admin they would be in the alpha realm so… answer matters

In end user ui, for example organization admin logs in comes to end user page and add new user that time I want to capture that admin name who created that account inside the user account he/she created in created by attribute

Please anyone provide solution to this scenario…thanks in advance.