How to get JWT response from Application protected by IG

I referred the below IG document to configure JWTBuildFilter and JWTValidationFilter.

Now how my application read the encryption key from IG and send the encrypted JWT that configured in Cookie and get the response attributes?

My most of the clients are in JAVA based. Do we have any sample client program to call IG to pass the encrypted JWT and encryption to get the decrypted JWT?

Praveena A

Greetings Praveen,
Perhaps I am not interpreting your posting correctly.

Please recall the IG is a gateway service acting as an http proxy. Further, that data requirements of backend services are composed by the client or the filters one includes in the IG route and communicated via the handlers.
Therefore, it is the responsibility of the client to provide sufficient information (url and otherwise) to initiate the request/response system via the appropriate IG route.
In essense, this is a simple http request of IG from the client, with all data requirements satisfied.
Please do try using the sample applications with IG to learn of its operations.