How to get the trusted device list by restful API?

I am using identity Cloud and using “Journey” to create a trusted device journey inside the login flow.
May I know which Api i could get the trusted device list?
and how to remove it by restful API?

Hi Michaellau,

Apologies for the late reply. Users can remove their device using the end user UI of Identity Cloud if needed or using the REST API. However, at the moment, due to an RFE for which an enhancement is due to roll out imminently, it is not possible to reset as an admin using the rest API.
I believe this enhancement is included in the 9th Feb release to Rapid tenants. Rapid release tenants with a sandbox or demo tenant should be able to test it there.

Could I suggest raising a support ticket for further guidance if needed, and include the RFE ID: FRAAS-12434 in the subject or body of the ticket. I’ve included a link below to help guide you through the quickest way to raise a Support ticket for Identity Cloud.

You can also see when releases are rolled out in the release notes

Regarding removing it from the user profile, samples can be found in the cloud postman collection. However, due to the RFE mentioned previously, this will need to be done as a user.

I hope you find this helpful.

Thank you,