How to Handle Environment Specific Values During Environment Promotion for AM in ForgeOps

Hello FR community, I’m seeking some advices on how to handle environment specific parameter values during environment promotion for AM in ForgeOps.

In a ForgeOps/DevOps sense, for AM, suppose I made some configuration updates in the DEV environment(new journeys, SAML, OAuth Clients and etc.), and it’s ready to be promoted to the TEST environment. Before I can apply/promote the configuration to TEST environment (export configurations from DEV, bake new AM image for TEST, import dynamic config using Amster for TEST), I will have to replace the environment specific values. The question is how we should update it. The exported configuration have many files (both static and dynamic) and it would be tedious and error-prone to manually updated them. Eventually, it should be an automated process.

This is probably a common issue and would like to hear some advices. Thanks and appreciate it.


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Hello @ldeng_idmworks,

We appreciate you reaching out to our Community site.

Regarding your question on how to handle environment-specific values during promotion, I see you have submitted this same question as a ticket to our Support site and have received a resolution. I’m glad this question has been resolved to your satisfaction. I am pasting the response provided in the support ticket here for further awareness.

We do not have a recommended approach for this.

There’s no way to directly import data from a different instance due to environmental differences, you would have to handle these values as part of your automation. I would assume the best way would be to store your config in git with variables so that it can be applied to any environment.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

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