How to read an external input and user in the scripted node code


Are there any nodes that allows to read an input from the user during the journey? It is something like Attribute collector node, but it is not exactly a profile attribute?

If there is no such nodes can someone provide code snippet how to read an external input inside a journey or point to documentation of how to?

I am trying to implement something similar to the impersonation node code here, since we have IDC instead of AM we cannot deploy this code as is (GitHub - CharanMann/ImpersonateNode) . I need to be able to read a string (username of impersonated user) use it within code and which stays as long as session is active.

Hi @sireeshanp123

Are you looking for something like the example shown here?

The way to read from user input is mentioned above. A script, or a custom node has to process the populated “callback”.
Note, that since the request is related to impersonation, there is a native, and standard way to achieve this. Note this requires the end user to be involved in the impersonation, or delegation process: