How to set up register page using custom tree

I have an issue, i dont know how to set up the registration page using my custom tree. i already follow the backstage documents but still can’t figure out how to solve it.

Unfortunately you have not provided enough information to provide a correct answer (what have you deployed (AM only or AM and IDM? what versions?). For AM only Configure user registration :: AM 7.2.0. With AM And IDM deployed, the Journey for Self Registration becomes really powerful. User self-registration :: ForgeRock Identity Platform provides an example tree for a “platform” install. If you only have AM installed some of the nodes will not function and without knowing how your customer tree is developed or installed we might not be able to help.

Hi @david.lee Thank you for reaching out, so we have this problem where
currently we only have AM standalone platform installed within our system, so we tried to configure user self registration, unfortunately the register page didn’t come up like it suposed to be. you can check the register page by going to this url.

hope this detail are enough to identify the issue. thanks

Assuming you are using AM 7.2 ForgeRock Access Management 7 > User Self-Service Guide > Registering Users, can you get to the Sign In to OpenAM page which displays Create an Account?
Do the REST Options listed above work?
Have you enabled the email, Captcha, or other security mechanisms?
How did you setup the User Self-Service Encryption and Signing Secret Key Pairs?

Hi sorry for the late responses @david.lee

I already tried the REST option for the Get and Post are getting error 500 (Internal server error, unable to handle action)

Yes, i enabled email, captha. for the setup encryption and signing secret key pairs, im using forgerock testkeypair as on their document(selfserviceenctest).