How to setup multifactor authentication when the captcha threshold limit reached

Hi All,

I have a requriement of enabling MFA when the Captcha threshold score below 0.5. Could you please help me out how can I configure that.


Hi @prvnkishore

When configuring your CAPTCHA node you will want to set your Score Threshold to 0.5. Anything below 0.5 will result in the False execution path being triggered, at which point you can introduce the MFA of your choosing.
I would suggest utilizing a Scripted Decision node on your failure path to set the result of the CAPTCHA node to the nodeState, and then triggering the MFA only after you’ve validated the user’s credentials (assuming you are capturing username/password and CAPTCHA result in a single page node).

Please let me know if this is helpful or if you’d like some additional details.

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Thanks for your reply… can we have a private chat

Sure, feel free to message me directly.