I am facing exception while trying to login

ERROR: Exception in processing the tree
org.forgerock.openam.auth.node.api.NodeProcessException: Encountered an unknown state ‘serverDown’ during authentication.

Does anyone faced this issue? How to resolve this?

I’ve seen this happen in a few scenarios, at least one of them is dependent upon which version of AM you are running. In a nutshell, the LDAP Decision Node is receiving an unexpected result from your LDAP user store. The three areas I’ve seen this most commonly are:

  1. Invalid credentials in your LDAP Decision Node. You can confirm this is the issue by checking your user store logs for any messages indicating a BIND attempt by your service account that failed
  2. User store is legitimately not available. Double check that you can connect to the LDAP user store.
  3. If you are on 7.2.0 or earlier (not sure which version this issue was introduced in) there is a bug where if you have configured your user store to force a change of password at next logon and the user cancels out of the password change, the user will be put in a state that results in an unexpected response from the user store the next time they attempt to authenticate.

If you’ve taken a look at all three of these and none of them apply to you, you can often just restart AM and the issue will clear up. If you take this approach, however, you’ll want to start taking note of when this situation arises and perform a more detailed root cause analysis as there is something happening which is resulting in an unexpected response from your user store.

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