I am getting as 'Forbidden error' along with 'This Ops is not available in ForgeRock Identity Cloud

Hello All,

I am trying to setup an external LDAP in ForgeRock identity cloud, but I am getting error on page like this operation is not available in IDC or am getting forbidden error.
Trying to add the Identity store ID but when selecting the type I am not able to see any existing option there (ss attached)

In ID cloud, you cannot add external LDAP as an Identity Store using the native Access Management console.

You can use Remote Connector Server to integrate IDC with a remote LDAP server for synchronizing profile and password data, or use it for pass-through authentication.

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Hi Tanay,

Additionally, if you’ve not seen the following blog already, you may find this resource helpful. This blog provides detailed instructions on configuring the RCS and LDAP connectors for an external LDAP data store: Use Case: Connect ForgeRock Identity Cloud with an LDAP User Store.

I hope you find it useful for your setup!