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I’m bit struggling to understand what is identity cloud?. Well, what I understand is that it is deployed and managed by ForgeRock on the cloud(AWS/google, etc) . By the way am a developer who knows ForgeRock access management (openam), ForgeRock identity manager, and Identity Gateway(IG) but what I don’t know is identity cloud. Is there a war file that I can install on my laptop on tomcat something like we do for openam installation?

I saw few vidoes on identity cloud bit confused, Is that identity cloud software includes the built in openam ,openIDM, and IG inside the identity cloud suite in the admin UI, if that is the case why are we creating identities of customer and employees in the identity cloud when we already have openidm inside the identity cloud? Pls clarify.

is there a simple use-case that you would point to in regards to identity cloud and as well pls provide the link to download identity cloud.

Note: I went to the Identity cloud download section over there it contains Identity Gateway(IG) war, some connectors, and agents software, couldn’t find the identity cloud one.


Hi Shaye - when customers purchase ForgeRock, they can choose to deploy in the way which suits them best. This might be as a self-managed software implementation deployed on public or private cloud; alternatively, many customers opt to save the costs and complexity of infrastructure and management costs by consuming ForgeRock as a service (ForgeRock Identity Cloud). If you want to learn more, you can go to the University section of our Backstage portal, and look for the training videos entitled “Getting Started with Identity Cloud”.

Thanks for your response. Is there a software/war file to install the identity cloud suite/package on my laptop to explore it?

No, this is a service run and operated by ForgeRock and delivered as SaaS so there is nothing to install on a laptop. Are you working for an authorised ForgeRock partner, or researching for a prospective ForgeRock customer?

Yeah am trying to learn this identity cloud, but how would I get access to an evaluation tenant access.thanks

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Can you drop a short email request to as I / my team would need to ascertain a few more details before we can advise you. Thanks

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