Identity custom attribute not saving in ForgeRock cloud

I have created a custom attribute in user identity and during the journey I am adding value to attribute through shared state and then used patched node. But custom attribute value is not saved/overwritten in the identity object. How to resolve this issue?

Hi @shivika.gupta,

Unfortunately, you can’t use a Patch Object node to update custom attributes. Custom attributes are all gathered in a single JSON value is the user profile (fr-idm-custom-attrs). The alternatives are:

  • Use a generic extension attribute for this functionality instead.
  • Use a scripted decision node to retrieve the attribute value from identityRepository, add a new property to the map value for the custom attribute, save back to identityRepository.
  • From a scripted decision node, update the user object directly against the IDM api (note that next generation scripting is coming soon, which provides the openidm binding in the scripted decision node → Scripted decision node API :: ForgeRock Identity Cloud Docs )