IDLive 2023

I’m debating attending IDLive 2023 in Austin next month but there’s not much detail on the website about sessions. If you’ve attended this in the past, how would you rate the value to your team and which roles do you personally recommend attending?


Hi, Ryan!

I facilitate the UnSummit day/portion of IDLive and can share some info that may be helpful. On the day of UnSummit, we build the agenda live, in real-time based on interests of the people in the room. Anyone can propose a session (even if they aren’t the subject matter expert). While this approach ensures that the agenda is the most relevant and valuable for the participants, it also makes it difficult to predict exactly what gets on the agenda.

To give you an idea of the types of sessions that get scheduled, here’s a look at the 2022 agenda we created at the UnSummit in Austin:

And here are some session ideas that people are already considering for the Austin UnSummit this year:

Another cool thing we’re doing this year in Austin is offering training (Monday and Thursday) and certification (Thursday). Here’s some more info on those offerings:

I hope this helps and if you have any questions related to UnSummit, I’m always happy to chat (you can also reach out to me directly