IDM Custom Connector imports only the first Identity

I am developing a custom connector for IDM in Java. So far so good, but when i try to import a list of identities from an external source, only the first identity is actually imported and showing up as a user, after reconciliation.

Reconciliation result shows the correct total of successful imports.

           for (UserDTO userRepresentation : list) {
                ConnectorObjectBuilder builder = new ConnectorObjectBuilder();
                builder.addAttribute("email", userRepresentation.getEmail());
                builder.addAttribute("firstname", userRepresentation.getFirstName());
                builder.addAttribute("lastname", userRepresentation.getLastName());

                for (ConnectorObject connectorObject : CollectionUtil.newSet( {
                    if (!handler.handle(connectorObject)) {

Hi @palle

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Unfortunately, there’s not enough information to determine why only the first identity from an external source shows up as a user after reconciliation.

We would need to see the recon summary and possibly additional code as the snippet doesn’t seem to show any obvious issues.

Thanks in advance!