IDM implicit sync not working

IDM 7.1.2
Issue - implicit sync is not working., It’s not getting triggered after updating user information.
it is enabled from mapping > advanced settings. version 7.1.2.

Any pointers to check for additional config or what else i am missing?

Hi @vdl - without checking your config or the request used to update the user information (as well as the pre and post states of the object being updated) it is difficult to pinpoint any potential issue. I’d start with some sanity checks - does the mapping actually work in a recon (i.e. is this limited to implicit sync or is this a bigger issue)? Try triggering the recon from the admin UI and ensure that the user is updated through that means. I’d also do some checking to ensure that the issue isn’t isolated to just a subset of users - if it is a limited issue that would change the focus of my troubleshooting to just those users.

Are you seeing any entries in the audit logs? I’d check sync.audit.json to see if anything is triggered on an update, and confirm no issues with the update via activity.audit.json.

For troubleshooting I would suggest the following:

  1. Double check the actual mapping in sync.json and confirm that the mapping for managed object → system object does not have enablesync=false. I prefer validating via the config files over the UI, although the UI should be accurate.
  2. Confirm that the update request is actually updating one of the managed object’s properties that is mapped in the sync’s mappings. If the managed object is updated but none of the synchronized properties change, no sync will occur.

Hopefully this helps.