IGA Features not Appearing in IDM After Installation

I am trying to set up a test environment with IDM and IGA on my MacOS.

I’ve downloaded both zip files, IDM 7.3 and IGA.
On MacOS both unzip automatically.

JDK 11 installed, as is prerequisite. No other JDK present.
Path of IDM unzipped file: /Users/Kenan/FR-IDM/openidm
Path of IGA unzipped file: /Users/Kenan/FR-IDM/identitygovernance

Upon running IGA install.sh file in terminal every step seems to have been done correctly, see below.
However, problem is that no IGA features show up in IDM.
I’m not sure why the IGA features aren’t appearing in IDM. Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kenans-MacBook-Pro:~ Kenan$ cd /Users/Kenan/FR-IDM/identitygovernance
Kenans-MacBook-Pro:identitygovernance Kenan$ ./install.sh
Location of your IDM Installation (e.g. /opt/forgerock/openidm):
Location of your IDM project directory. If left blank, will use IDM installation directory. (e.g. /opt/forgerock/openidm):

Location of your unzipped identitygovernance directory (e.g. /home/me/identitygovernance):
x.x Version of IDM Installation (e.g. 6.5):
Is this the first server in the cluster (yes or no):
Copying legal-notices into IDM ...
Copying conf files into IDM ...
Done copying conf files into IDM
Copying script files into IDM ...
Done copying script files into IDM
Copying workflow files into IDM ...
Done copying workflow files into IDM
Backing up managed.json
Done backing up managed.json file
Updating managed.json ...
managed.json updated successfully
Backing up policy.json
Done backing up policy.json file
Updating policy.json ...
policy.json updated successfully
Backing up access.json
Done backing up access.json file
Updating access.json ...
Deploying frontend application ...
Frontend application deployed
Copying Tools into IDM tools directory...
Done copying tools into IDM
Creating governance-administrator, access-request-admin, and glossary-admin roles ...
Identity Governance install script executed successfully. Please restart the IDM server to complete the installation.
NOTE: Endpoint errors may appear on any nodes where the Identity Governance installer has not been executed on.

Have you found the IGA console? The IGA features are under /governance, not /admin.
You need a user with an IGA internal role, i.e. one from governance-administrator, glossary-admin, or access-request-admin.
I hope this helps.


Yes, it did help!
Thank you very much (again)! :slight_smile: