Import remote Service provider

I’m trying to add a remote service provider metadatafile in Foergerock AM 7.2
When I submit the creation I got an error “Unable to parse standard metadata”
Where can I find verbose log about that ?


Hi aazzabi,

The next step would be to examine the logs entries in
AM debug logs (AM 7 and later) /path/to/am/var/debug
as outlined in the below article.
The Federation debug log is particularly useful.

The Log level= Debug, captures verbose messages containing fine-grained information which is enabled by default. If you need to adjust the log level, AM 7 and later use Logback for configuring debug logging. Please see Debug Logging for further information.

If you’ve not already seen the following article, you may find the steps helpful for troubleshooting as well.

I hope this information helps!

Thank you,


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Is this standard SAML ? Or is it something like WSfed? There are some SAML metadata validators that are also available on the web which can help find syntax errors.

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