Install Apache WebAgent

Hi All,

We are implemnating WebAgent based configuration to achieve CDSSO in our environment, need help on how to proceed with the installation.

I have created just WebAgent and Policy set at FR end according to the document : Enforce policy decisions from Identity Cloud :: ForgeRock Web Policy Agents

Just have few doubts :

  1. How and where the Web Agent will be installed ?
  2. Where we need to perform the below steps : (like on application end or on FR side)

Example installation for this guide

Identity Cloud is described in the [Identity Cloud Docs].

Find the value of the following properties:

  • The agent URL. This guide uses Web Agent installed on, in the alpha realm.
  • The root URL of your Identity Cloud. This guide uses
  • The server URL of the Access Management component of the Identity Cloud. This guide uses
  • The realm where you work. This guide uses alpha.

If you use a different configuration, substitute in the procedures accordingly.

Neha Pundir

Hi Neha,

It’s up to the customer to decide which web server needs protecting. So would be your website’s fqdn (or one of them)
Note that this will be one of the urls since in cdsso you are going to handle multiple domains.
Add each of these to the agent root url after installation eg

If we talk about altering the agent profile that is on the identity cloud, otherwise it is on your infrastructure where you installed the agent.


Alex L

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