Install DS for AM

Hello guys,
am trying to install ForgeRock DS for my AM on windows server and followed the installation guide in has frozen in the last of "starting directory services " so i terminated the session and started a new installation and deleted the old directory but when installing again it gives this “Unable to bind to port 4444. This port may already be in use, or you may not have permission to bind to it” any clue what to do or how install it properly

You can use the Netstat command to view all the ports and the processes using them. Open the Command Prompt and type netstat -ano or netstat -a -b . Alternatively, you can use Sysinternals TCPView , which is a tool that displays all the TCP connections and ports in use. Download it from the Sysinternals website, extract the exe file, and double-click on it. [You can find the port numbers under the Local Port section

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I’ve had the exact same issue when installing ForgeRock DS using the --start parameter. It’s as if they forgot to do QA on Windows. You should be able to kill the java.exe process that references your instance path in its command-line arguments (enable that column in Task Manager), or use netstat to identify the PID as previously suggested and then kill it.