Introducing: Global Leaderboard in Community Forums!

We are excited to introduce a gamification leaderboard this month! We have received much feedback from members expressing their interest in having a leaderboard, and we are thrilled to deliver this feature to our community.

Points, also known as image are awarded to users for participating in community forums. Points are automatically updated every 5 minutes and are re-calculated from the last 10 days once a day.

Users are awarded imageby performing certain actions in the community. In addition to the leaderboard, each user’s Cheer score appears on their user card and user profile.

Currently, the following events award Cheers/Points:

  • Daily visits
  • Flags accepted
  • Likes given
  • Likes received
  • Posts created
  • Posts read
  • Time read
  • Topics created
  • User invites accepted
  • Solutions accepted

The following links will direct you to the leaderboard page and its appearance on the right sidebar, which is currently visible on all pages except for the Main Categories or landing page.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding this new feature,
please don’t hesitate to contact the Community team through #site-feedback or send us an email at