Is it possible to use a Scripted Node to have a form that can be toggled visibile/invisible using ID Cloud and Hosted Pages?

Hi FR Community,

I’m working on a registration page using the Hosted Pages in Identity Cloud. I was wondering if it would be possible to use a Scripted Node (assuming this might be required) in order to have a radio/checkbox that can dynamically display extra form elements should the user select it.

I’m new to FR but to compare, say I have fields that have a default state of “hidden”, and clicking the checkbox/radio will remove or update that state so that it becomes visible to the user. Thanks

Hi @codydupuis,

Yes in theory you could use a ScriptTextOutputCallback to manipulate the browser’s DOM. On a practical perspective, I would not recommend it, as it is destined to fail at some point in the future - with heavy impact on users when this happen - you have no control over the DOM layout and content, it can change any time. For your use case, a custom developed login app is the response, gives you maximum flexibility with reliability,


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Understandable. All my research so far has pointed to doing a custom login app, so sounds like that’s what I get to try today. Thank you @patrick_diligent

Just in case, are you aware of this?


I am working with the SDK on the custom solution now. Thanks for sharing!

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