Is there any way to upload entitlement data using CSV for any Connector

Hi I have a situation where customer don’t have direct api to provide group information to connector. Is there any way we can upload Group data into IDM using CSV file.

Note: Currently IDM is getting user accounts by connector. Please let me know.

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Hey @gajsahu - the short answer to your question is yes. IDM ships with a CSV connector (Connector reference :: ICF and CSV file connector :: ICF for reference) that you can use for this purpose. The details of how you configure that connector will be determined by your overall requirements, but this connector should be able to handle the simple loading of group data in to IDM.

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@mwtech Thanks for the quick reply. I understand the IDM CSV connector can just upload the data into IDM. But it required to configure another Connector into System and also mapping.

But actual requirement is to upload the group data into existing connector group schema via some sort of CSV upload. In case in future if group API will get available by the connector, same data will be utilized.


@gajsahu sorry, I don’t think I understand what you are looking for here. Can you elaborate a bit on what the use case is, and provide specific details if possible?

Hi @mwtech, I have a custom connector which can get the accounts and do provisioning into target system. But this target system dont have any api to return group information.

So I am trying to check if I define group schema into IDM for this connector, is there any way I can upload/create the groups data into IDM for this connector. Not through the separate CSV connector.

I hope this will give you detail about my requirement.


Hey @gajsahu - thanks for clarifying this. Since this is a custom connector already, you can simply handle the processing of group information separate from how you handle the account information. In each of your operation scripts you can include a switch statement to check the objectClass of the object being operated on and act accordingly: for ObjectClass.ACCOUNT make your API calls, and for ObjectClass.GROUP interact with the CSV. You won’t need to utilize a separate connector for this, and when the time comes that an API is available for your system you can just update the code for groups to interact with that API.

I hope this information is helpful to you. If you haven’t already done so I highly recommend reading a few great articles recently posted here:

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@mwtech Thanks for the reply and providing details.

Yes. We have same plan to enhance the connector and use CSV file to handle Group. But it will take some development time.

Actually I had used another IDM product(Sailpoint IIQ) where it provide the capabilities to upload Group information using CSV, if target system does not have any API/capabilities. So I was checking if same feature available in FR IDM as well, so no need to enhance the connector or for time being utilize the feature and next quarter enhance the connector.