Issue with Connecting to Replication Server in 7.4

We are facing an issue connecting to the Replication Server while settling up one DS and one RS standalone server. We created our own keystore.

Here is the error that we are facing in the startup logs

[03/Mar/2024:08:44:07 +0000] category=SYNC.CONNECTIONS severity=ERROR msgID=2169 msg=A transient problem occurred while DS(ds-store-01-1) was connecting to RS(, Directory Server will try to connect again. Problem was: Broken pipe (Write failed)

Greetings @azmath . I would like to assist you but I’m afraid that there is not sufficient information provided. Of course, my immediate response is for you to follow the explicit directions found at :
Knowledge - ForgeRock BackStage ,
which also emphasizes the need to consider this:
Knowledge - ForgeRock BackStage
Out of interest, have you also raised an SR? Then I could take a look…



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