Javasricpt SDK not compatible with legacy JS

Since Javascript SDK is in typescript ( ES6) , not able to integrate with legacy HTML pages which only accepts .JS files in the script tag , any guidance on this topic would be helpful

I have a sample app which simply uses the ForgeRock JavaScript SDK to integrate with ForgeRock AM/IDCloud. The app is primarily written using HTML, JS and Node.js. I am calling out these technologies to let you know that it’s used in the most simplest form and no integration with any popular client-side frameworks. I import the ForgeRock JavaScript using the <script> tag. For example,

<script type=“text/javascript” src=“/public/assets/js/fr.js”></script>

Hi @jsingh , Since the legacy application is not supported in node.js , not sure how it shall work. Further how did you got the .ts file ( all files in SDK) in .js ?( using webpack ?)

I am not a front-end developer, but from the understanding that I have, a TypeScript project can be compiled to JavaScript as TS is a superset of JavaScript. So, if you were to build ForgeRock SDKs project, you will find fr.js in the project.

That said, please follow the guides for correct usage.