Knowledge Materials Research - Participants needed

To help us improve and enhance our knowledge materials, we would like to discuss with a variety of ForgeRock users within our customer and partner organizations how they use Specifically, we are interested in how they use this site to review and evaluate ForgeRock products as well as support various tasks such as setup, integration, use, and maintenance.

This 30-minute discussion will take place over Zoom, and it will involve a single participant, a moderator, and perhaps a few observers. We will recruit a variety of different user types based on their role, such as administrator, developer, and support personnel. We will aggregate the insights from these discussions and respondents will remain anonymous.

The understanding we gain from these discussions is instrumental in helping us to improve our support materials, including our ForgeRock documentation, knowledge base, community, and training. Our goal is to improve the searchability, organization, and ease of use of our materials.

Your individual feedback is invaluable to us!

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Thanks to those who participated. This study is now closed.

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