Localisation of Attribute collector

Hi All,

Just wanted to seek help for a small integration where I’d need to localise the attribute collector based on the user’s preffered language - while we have localisation settings for different nodes/collectors - cant find one for the attribute collector - can someone help me with this.


Hi @vlodha,

What part are you looking to localise, the input placeholder? I think this is coming from the property’s readable title in the managed schema.


In addition, to localise the input placehoder, provide a locales configuration (for example uilocale/en(.json) with something like:

    "_id": "uilocale/en",
    "login": {
        "overrides": {
            "EmailAddress": "Your Email",
            "GenericUnindexedString1": "Application ID"

The key is the attribute’s Readable Title “description” property in the managed schema, with spaces removed.

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