Logout Redirection using Web Agent


I have setup a web agent to protect a Web application. The web agent is able to enforce policies as expected. However, when a user logs out from the Web application, I want to user to be redirected to the home page of the application. But I am not able to get this behavior.

Expected behavior: User clicks on the logout link in the application. User should be logged out in AM and then redirected to the application home page.

Current configurations that I’ve tried:

Behavior: User clicks on the logout link in the application. User is redirected to the logout page in AM. User is not further redirected to the web application home page.

The URL in the browser is as follows:

Behavior: Internal server error from the web server. The browser URL stays at https://web-app-hostname/logout. But the user gets logged out in AM.

I could not find any errors in the web agent debug logs.

Behavior: User is redirected to AM logout page. And an error is thrown in the logout page “Session does not exist” (Possibly because user is already logged out due to Invalidate Logout Session property being enabled.

As per my understanding of the documentation, either of steps 1 or 2 should have worked in the scenario. Am I missing something in the configuration?

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What version of AM are you on?
Did you add the redirection URL to the validation service? See Success and failure redirection URLs :: AM 7.3.0


I was using AM 7.2. And Validation Service is what I was missing. I configured it and it is working now. Thank you for the help!

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