One feature that we recommend ForgeRock build is a page to look at logs in the identity cloud platform. While working in the environment and troubleshooting, pulling logs is very cumbersome. As someone who has worked with more than one ForgeRock customer … this is the biggest complaint we hear. Even having the ability to forward the raw logs on a continuous basis to a SIEM (not just the few that are currently integrated like splunk) would be helpful. If anyone has any easy work arounds that are non developer friendly we are open to suggestions.


Hi @johnw19000, Thank you for the great feedback. A dedicated page for viewing logs or the ability to forward logs to a broader range of SIEMs would enhance the troubleshooting experience.

I suggest opening a support ticket and raising a Request for Enhancement (RFE) to address this, outlining the challenges, impact, and benefits. ForgeRock welcomes feedback and feature requests from our users, and our Product managers and Developers actively monitor these requests.
Submitting an RFE through our support channels is the optimal avenue for driving future product enhancements.

I hope this helps.
Many thanks!