Modify released scopes in access_token using AM OAuth2 Access Token Modification Script

Inside default OAuth2 Access Token Modification Script in IdC, we have the following object available.

  • scopes - Set (6).
  •      Always present, the requested scopes.

For example my object equals to:
[openid, profile, customScope]

and let’s say i want to remove “customScope” fields from released scopes in the access_token.
No matter what I have tried I can’t modify scopes object.
Does anyone have an example of how scopes can be added/removed programmatically inside default AM script?

Actually this has worked for me, not sure why it threw an error the first time around.

var newScopes = ‘openid profile’;
accessToken.setField(‘scopes’, newScopes);


I think that if you wanted to manipulate scopes in an OAuth2 Access Token Modification script, the getScope, and setScope functions are more appropriate.


var scopes = accessToken.getScope();

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