No users available to assign workflow task

Unable to assign in progress task instance of workflow waiting for approval to any user as users not getting populated.
Where candidate group is “flowable:candidateGroups=“internal/role/manager”” set and this role is having active users as members.

Hi asjadhav,

I have noticed a similar issue reported within our support organization that may be related to the one you described here. Although I am not entirely sure if it is the same project or your organization, I have contacted the engineer regarding the issue. Once the solution is identified, we will share our findings and resolution here in your post as well to benefit the community and assist others facing a similar problem.

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Hi asjadhav,

That candidateGroup /internal/role/manager is the same one that’s used in the sample provisioning-with-workflow.
In the sample, the role is created in such a way that the role _id is manager.
If you were to create a role in the UI, then it wouldn’t have manager as the _id.
Instead, you’d have a unique _id and that’s the value that you’ll need to use in your workflow.

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