October's Community Unplugged: Monitoring and Testing as Part of Operational Readiness

ForgeRock Community Unplugged is a discussion-style, recurring event open to all technical audiences. These sessions provide an interactive, engaging atmosphere covering a range of digital identity and technology topics. They are designed to provide an open forum for discussion and collaboration. Anyone with an interest in the month’s topic is encouraged to join and take part!

October’s topic: Monitoring and Testing as Part of the Operational Readiness featuring Peter Gratzer.

ForgeRock Professional Services plays a key role in evaluating the health and realization of deployed solutions, whether through pre-production assessments, periodic health checks, or migration evaluations. Across these scenarios, adherence to best practices is vital for solution configuration, operational elements such as deployment automation, testing, monitoring and recovery.

In this session, we’ll dive into the monitoring and testing aspects integral to ForgeRock CIAM solutions. Peter will lead a discussion covering the significance of well-defined requirements, a comparison between self-managed and vendor-managed environments, a curated selection of monitoring tools presented within a holistic framework and a focus on best practices for testing at various stages during the realization process of business-oriented solution architecture.

Join us as we explore the foundations of operational readiness through comprehensive monitoring and rigorous testing practices. Whether you’re an industry veteran or a newcomer, this session promises insights that will contribute to the successful deployment and management of robust ForgeRock solutions.

Register for the discussion, taking place on October 12th at 11am EST.